January 2021 heralded the first years Anniversary of the new Warehouse Facility opened by Lienesch Ltd in 2020. Situated in Leeds as a central location for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, this project has proven to be an excellent step forward for this company to bring their products to the forefront of the Window Shading market. Whilst we have all been reeling from the effects of the Covid 19 Pandemic, the impact felt and the dynamics generated by this Virus has been interesting so far as Market demands are concerned. As free movement has been curtailed and the freedom to meet and discuss one’s business, taken so much for granted as an automatic right for many years now, has certainly made us All pause and re evaluate our way of life, the way we work and how we spend our money. For instance, Business and daily life has embraced the Internet in a way nobody would have thought possible only 12 months ago.
The first phase of this Lienesch Marketing Plan was to launch their extensive range of Polyester Screen fabrics, currently so popular in the Commercial sector as the ideal shading product when used for roller blinds which give a uniform look to large windows both from inside and outside aspects .It is interesting to note that the growth of this type of fabric has not only been embraced by the commercial sector but by the top end residential sector too.
The logic to utilise sheer or semi sheer fabrics now to reduce glare and reflect both heat and light gain somehow missed the popularity of woven voiles and sheers of recent years. It is only recently that the market has embraced this type of polyester fabric using PVC coated yarns which combine aesthetics so well with practical performance.
5 ranges of qualities with different Open ness factors including the highly effective Focus Blackout range that comprise the core stock offering available in 10 contemporary colours shades. On top of this range are another 5 qualities of various weave and colour effects . Most widths are 3000 mm but the Focus range is also available is 2500mm in most colours.
At the end of 2020 the collaboration between Lienesch Ltd and Global International was fully agreed culminating in the launch of Lienesch – STYLE, the purpose of which was to fully utilise the warehouse potential of the wider range of roller blind products offered by both companies. One immediate benefit here is to add to the screen range a number of polyester plains both translucent and Blackout in non F/R and F/R versions . The introduction of these fabrics suits the wholesaling profile of Lienesch – STYLE whilst allowing the Global International offering, particularly in made up product, to prosper in a fast developing sector of the industry. Like the screen range, these new woven fabrics are targeted towards both the Commercial and Residential sectors.

A further logical development of business will now be embracing a range of roller components and the Rollease / Acmeda range, hitherto offered by Global enables Lienesch STYLE to maximise the benefit their wholesale operation are now offering to UK manufacturers. Whilst the initial offering will be limited to the RSL 32, 38 and 50 Roller systems the rollout of the RSL 63 and 83 systems, The CF 90 Cassette should be complete by the end of 2021. Furthermore, the addition of the Child Safe Easy Wand and the Aero Single and Dual roller systems will offer a more sophisticated product line that will offer solutions to the Architectural requirements at the time of design and specification, prior to the build commencing.
This exciting programme offering the very latest technology in the field of Roller blinds will most definitely continue to expand in the years ahead. That the products suit the market now is beyond doubt but the fact they are now backed with a high degree of service commitment with an automatic next day delivery that’s free for order of over £ 1000 should make this an uncompromising benefit to the Market here.

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