All Global International products are certified as child safe

Child safety is central to all our work and at the heart of every product we produce.
We have encouraged a child safe culture here at Global by having supplied our made to measure products with accumulation and tensioning devices for a number of years. However the introduction of the new legislation governing this aspect of the products has allowed us to improve on our offering even more.
We have always had a very proactive approach to child safety and will continue to research, develop and introduce new aspects of safety to ensure all our customers can rest assured they are receiving the best safety aspects on the market. Using one of the most respected testing houses in the market, we have had all our products tested and certificated to ensure 100% compliance.
We are in constant contact with the BBSA to confirm our compliance and we are fully supportive of the legislation in every aspect. This is not viewed as an inconvenience to us but an opportunity to develop and supply the safest products in the industry.